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... is the best short description that I have found to describe the work that I do, which mostly pertains to DNA identification, and includes consulting, writing softwareDNA•VIEW is DNA identification software used by some 100 laboratories, in every continent (except Antarctica) – academic activities in mathematics, biostatistics, and various aspects of population genetics.


photo by Peter DaSilva Charles H. Brenner, Ph.D.
Consulting in Forensic Mathematics
DNA•VIEW DNA software
Senior Research Fellow — Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley

6801 Thornhill Drive
Oakland, California 94611-1336 USA

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Discussions in forensic mathematics
Mixture Solution poster.pdf — Krakow 2015 poster, printable pdf Sep15
Automated expertise — the DNA•VIEW Mixture Solution™ Sep14
DNA•VIEW Newsletter #23 Feb14
Mixture calculation from suspect's relatives Dec 17, 2010
Disaster/Mass Identification
El Salvador orphans – simulations July06 update
Tsunami victim identification considerations Apr05
WTC Victim Identification – prospectus Oct01
WTC Victim Identification – diary rev Jun02
WTC prospective DNA analysis Powerpoint presentation at NYU Medical Center Oct01
Likelihood ratios
Thinking clearly about likelihood ratios and siblingship Aug 1, 2011
Mixture calculation from suspect's relatives Dec 17, 2010
Careful Formulation of a Likelihood Ratio Statement based on Anecdotal Evidence Dec09
Placental mixture paternity calculation Dec04
Solution to ESWG ISFG 2004 paternity "paper challenge" June04
Likelihood ratios – what are they good for? Mar99
Confusing LR and probability Oct03
Analysis of 3-banded patterns in paternity Apr99
Forensic mathematics of DNA profiling Jan99
Paternity with multiple hypotheses Oct01
Strategies and calculations in DNA kinship cases rev Apr00
Kinship poster, Nagasaki
Multiple mutations, covert mutations, and false exclusions in paternity casework May05
Y-haplotype mutation example June04
Mutation formulas in paternity Dec98
Mutation model implemented in DNA•VIEW
RFLP mutation rates
SNP-power, and No Database, (Poster) Orlando Oct99
DNA frequency uncertainty
DNA frequency uncertainty – Why bother? Dec98
low p-values Nov99
Statistical concepts lectures at Dept of Genetics, Univ of Leicester Sep99
DNA Identification Technology and APL (presentation) Dec05
Larry Hillblom Inheritance Oct98
Thomas Jefferson's descendents rev Oct98
Commentary on the Venegas decision May98
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