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The bulk of my consulting work consists of on-going relationships with various paternity and forensic DNA testing laboratories. Many of these labs use DNA·VIEW and/or PATER – specialized software packages that I have written for DNA identification analysis. I supply software solutions and statistical expertise.

At any given time ten or twenty such accounts are relatively active. They are spread around the world – US, South America, Europe, and the Far East – which means that I have a de facto hobby of travel whether I am tired of it or not.

I sporadically consult on particular cases, brought to me usually by an attorney but on occasion by a party in the case. Matters include analysis and/or testimony in

I also give some lectures – sometimes at conferences, sometimes professional classes e.g. in some aspect of statistics as applied to DNA analysis.

I enjoy teaching and discussion, and invite people to email me in response to this web-site. Sometimes I get collegial responses from professionals that I otherwise didn't know this way, and even discussions with lay-people who just stumbled on the site occasionally arise. I welcome these opportunities to meet people and to stimulate one another's thinking.

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Public service and free advice

I strongly believe in public service, and I feel that informing the lay and professional public – through teaching and through this web site, for examples – is a good thing for me to be doing. Free advice to people with paternity problems might plausibly qualify as well, but then so might helping their adversaries. My experience has led me to the conclusion that I would not make the world a better place by setting up an information kiosk. Therefore ...

Private consultations

I occasionally help individuals – either directly or through an attorney – but only on a professional basis. In the unlikely event that you would like my professional assistance please contact me by telephone or email to discuss fees and retainer.
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