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"Y2K" compliance of DNA·VIEW and PATER

These programs have never been accounting programs, nor date sensitive, so they have always been Y2K compliant. However, I did encourage people to use 2-digit year codes as part of accession numbers from early on, and this scheme would fail in the year 2000 because the programs will not allow "00" as part of an accession number. So previous versions were not Y2K convenient, although they were compliant in the sense that by using a less convenient coding scheme you could get by and everything would work.

Recent versions – PATER starting with version 12 and DNA·VIEW starting with version 22 – allow 4 digits for the leading part of the accession number. In other words, they allow 4-digit year codes. Hence they are Y2K convenient – and a fortiori Y2K compliant.

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