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DNA·VIEW/PATER startup icon customization

    There are a few detailed icon option settings that it was not possible to incorporate into the installer. Therefore for best performance and appearance I suggest the following steps, for each icon that you will use:

  1. Right-click on the icon. On the fly-open menu, click on Properties.
  2. Enable the mouse in DNA·VIEW and PATER
  3. Choose the Options tab. Be sure that Quick Edit Mode is NOT checked.

  4. Choose a convenient window size
    1. Choose the Options tab under Display Options, choose Window (rather than Full Screen).
    2. Choose the Layout tab and ensure that Window Size is 80 (width) 25 (height).

  5. Choose a legible font
  6. Choose the Fonts tab and choose a good-sized font. If you choose Lucida, then size 18 or 20 may be about right (depends on your screen resolution though).