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April 24, 1999


I will be at Jeffreys' lab in England for most of the rest of this year. (Contact information) Naturally I recognize (and enjoy) an obligation to con tinue support for current customers. But I will try to keep new business to a minimum.

I am excited at the prospect of collaborating with such an active and august group, notwithstanding that Jeffreys stipulated as a condition for my coming that I will not do any "wet work." I hope that with computer modeling work, and occasional statistics and mathematics, to be helpful on various projects.

"Immigration" update

The previous newsletter announced a new Paternity Case feature, Immigration, which is a sort of automatic version of Kinship. The first version had several limitations, compared to the detailed control and options that are available using Kinship. With the latest version, most of those limitations have been removed. For example, the Shrink match rules option works properly in conjunction with Immigration, which gives the user some control over the matching deci sions (i.e. the genotype calls) that Immigration makes. Silent alleles work correctly. Amelogenin is ignored an adequate approach. Download DNA2209.EXE and see.

Genotyper (and Genomyx) import

... are new features of the Import command. The input file format (slightly different for the two cases), is a tab-delimited ASCII file with one row per person, and multiple columns representing a multi-locus genotype (allele notation repeat numbers or allele letter names).

Among the features supported are quality control (i.e. K562) size checking, just the way it works with Read.

Amelogenin support

A side effect of importing Genotyper or Genomyx analysis files may be to collect amelogenin genotypes. This led to a quandary: Insist that the user remove the data, or analyze it, with incorrect results, as if it were a non-sex-linked system?

The path chosen is to analyze it (to an extent) for what it is. The Paternity case analysis of trio/duo families now checks the amelogenin pattern based on the purported sex of the parents. The Immigration program is not so clever, but it does skip over amelogenin without (mis)analysis.

For purposes of the above features, amelogenin is identified to the program by the selection of a 2 code (X, Y allele names) in the PCR parameter "notation style".

Year 2000 compliance

Pater and DNA VIEW now support 9-digit accession/person numbers (yyyy-xxxxx).
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