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May 25,2005

DNA·VIEW and Tsunami Identifications

The DNA·VIEW Disaster Screening and Kinship identification modules are unparalleled tools for finding and evaluating DNA matches of disaster victims to their families or direct references. Having played central roles in World Trade Center identifications – Screen Disaster Matches found the id's; Kinship is the tool that proved them these tools are also of pivotal importance in identifying victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

I spent a week in Phuket, Thailand, in March teaching the use of DNA·VIEW to members of the DNA identification team there. It has also been used successfully for national identification efforts of Thailand victims in Innsbruck, Austria and in Leipzig, Germany. Now the job of obtaining DNA profiles from tsunami victims has been turned over to the ICMP laboratory in Sarajevo who are also experienced users of DNA·VIEW ( because of the Bosnian war victim identification project.

Racial origin analysis

Two very nice tools analyze racial origin.

GeneMapper Import

The Import/Export command includes a new option Genemapper Import to import DNA profiles of ABI's new Genemapper format.

See the manual for details.

Windows installation

DNA·VIEW now installs with a Windows-style installer, which adds some flexibility. For example it is possible to install a test copy of the system in a different folder.

Web pages of interest

Bosnian DNA identification group

web log

El Salvador orphans; How many relatives needed to make an identification?

technical data

paternity computation of a placental mixture


paternity & mutation
complicated ISFG 2004 kinship exercise
discussion, supplementing the manual, on making a DNA allele population database.

using DNA·VIEW

knowing & using the "standard"and "log"versions DNA·VIEW's paternity and kinship reports.
Multiple mutations, covert mutations, and false exclusions in paternity casework (2003 Archacon paper)


useful tool for training, demo, diagnosis


downloads DNA·VIEW and PATER updates for subscribed users. Request the installation password by email. Take care that installation is to the right folder.


The 2005 edition of the DNA·VIEW and PATER manuals are available in PDF format. Current users have been mailed hard copies.

Technical fixes