DNA·VIEW – DNA Profile Calculator

Stain matching computation

(experimental version). New feature, ver 21.14, Nov 98


Choose "Stain matching" from the main menu.

Move among the boxes with keystrokes (space, tab, enter, shift-tab, arrow keys) or with the mouse.

Entering locus name

Type any abbreviation and the program will guess the locus. If it cannot guess uniquely, it will pop up a choice box.

Entering alleles

Type in alleles as usual. (Only possible on a line that has a locus name entered.)

NOTE: If the allele resolution filter (ARF) is defined, then there will be a warning BEEP for any allele not mentioned in the ARF.


Frequencies are calculated automatically, using the usual rules that are controlled by "Case Options" – including "Count this allele how many times?" Homozygotes are counted double.


means one of the NRC formulas mentioned above. Choice is by abbreviation, with pop-up list if the abbreviation is not clear.

Theta, or F

can be typed in. The "1/" option also applies here. So for example if modality=relative and you want to consider a 1/16 relative, just type "16".

Action keys