Jon Davoren2 Mark Skinner1
Walther Parson3 John Ryan3
Adnan Rizvic5 Edin Jasaragic4 Tom Parsons3
Charles Brenner3 John Clement3 Erika Hagelberg3 Michael Hedley3 Jon Sterenberg6
(behind the camera) John Hunter3
1 Forensic Sciences Director, IC-MP
2 Head of Laboratories, IC-MP
3 Steering Committee aka Scientific Advisory Committee
4 Forensics Sciences Deputy Director, IC-MP
5 Head of Identification Coordination Division, IC-MP
6 Senior Forensic Archaeologist, IC-MP

International Commission on Missing Persons

The International Commission on Missing Persons has been mainly identifying victims from the 1990's wars in the former Yugoslavia. I have been following their very impressive work and occasionally discussing kinship identification problems with them for the last several years. Recently I had the honor and opportunity to join the organization's scientific advisory committee – reconstituted this year under the name of Steering Committee. The picture is from the April 2005 meeting in London of this group.

The lab's success in DNA analysis includes about 300 identifications/month; a total of over 7000 to date, a stupendous production.

Some test samples from Tsunami victims were submitted to the IC-MP lab a few months ago. Notwithstanding the difficulties that I had heard other labs experienced in obtaining DNA profiles from the degraded remains, when I saw Jon Davoren in London he was able to tell me that using the standard protocols that his laboratory had developed, full profiles were obtained for all 10 test samples. In the next few days the scientific committee for the tsunami identifications in Thailand decided give the victim samples to the ICMP lab. Bosnia lab to examine tsunami DNA

2008 – global reach of ICMP

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